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Sports Medicine is a highly specialized field designed to get you back to the playing field as quickly as possible, while also providing you with the skills needed you need to enhance your performance, reduce the risk of re-injury, and reduce pain. Our comprehensive Sports Medicine program specializes in the following conditions and treatments:

We understand that your goal is to get back to the playing field as quickly as possible. Our mission goal is to ensure that you are ready to return to your sport, whether at the recreational, club, high school, college or professional level. Not only will we work tirelessly to help you recover, we also will provide you with the knowledge and skills to enhance your overall performance to avoid re-injury. We also have our lifestyle and wellness program where you can work with our trainers to help you become the best athlete you can be. Contact our team of specialists today!

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As part of the rehabilitation process, an injury must not only be healed but also strengthened to reduce the risk of re-injury. At OakBend Physical Therapy Managed by Cryer Physical Therapy, we help you get back on your feet and out on the playing field; we also go a step further to ensure that we provide you with the right exercise regimen to keep you injury-free through stability, strength, and endurance. Our therapists work to improve your overall sports performance. Injury prevention is about looking at your overall functional strength and targeting weaknesses to ensure that they don’t limit you in the future.

We work closely with our patients to monitor their improvement and healing while building strength and endurance to reduce the risk of reinjury. Our team of experts also discusses all aspects of fitness, from using proper form while exercising to providing functional exercise routines that are targeted or focused on the entire body. Our goal is to strengthen weaknesses that can limit athletic performance and lead to other injuries in the future.

Lifestyles at OakBend

At OakBend Physical Therapy Managed by Cryer Physical Therapy, we don’t only focus on injuries - we work to prevent them. Our mission is to help you get back on the road to recovery while ensuring that you don’t end up “on the bench” again.

Exercise Programs | Cryer Physical Therapy

Our exercise programs are designed for total wellness because, after all, many injuries stem from muscle weakness and joint instability. Rehabilitation is about pain relief, improving blood flow, and strengthening muscles to alleviate pressure on joints, but it is also about ensuring that you are in peak performance going forward to avoid re-injury.

Lifestyles Silver Sneakers, Silver and Fit, and Renew Active Programs

Starting any fitness program should be done with care and the necessary knowledge to ensure that you are holding proper form, training smarter (not harder), and that you know the basics. Our team of fitness experts and sports medicine professionals takes great care to teach you all you need to know to take your game to the next level. From injury rehab and prevention to sports enhancement to put you ahead of the competition, our goal is to help you achieve your goals.

Fitness and physical therapy is not a one-and-done thing; it is a lifetime of maintenance and care that begins with proper mechanics and fitness education. We provide you with the tools you need to stay fit, be healthy, and give it your all for both the here and now and forever.

Blood Flow Restriction (BFR)

Blood Flow Restriction is a treatment option that can be implemented on an outpatient basis, and it can effectively and safely promote muscle strengthening. When administered by a certified trained Physical Therapist, patients typically experience a significant increase in their muscle strength, while working with low weight loads, lower repetitions, and shorter work periods.

Who can benefit from BFR?

BFR is an excellent exercise tool to strengthen muscles quickly using smaller weight loads to reduce the risk of injury. It starves the muscles of oxygen, forcing your body into an anaerobic state that is a more targeted way to build muscle mass versus aerobic weight lifting.